Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Great review for Speak to Me of Abduction

I am so excited that people are enjoying this book.

BookWenches have reviewed it and given it 4.5 rating.

Speak to Me of Abduction by Lillian Grant is a fast-paced and fun novel that combines the thrill of a foreign destination, the tarnished glitz of Hollywood film-making, a suspenseful search for a missing man, and sizzling hot romance. I found it to be exciting and sexy and an all-around good read.
We do have to suspend our disbelief somewhat when we read this book, because the heroine meets two gorgeous Hollywood stars who end up being real people – nice, even – but I enjoyed this fantasy aspect of the book. This is a story for all of us who have ever sighed over a movie star (or two) and wanted to be spirited away to an exotic destination on his private yacht.

It did amuse me that the reviewer has  a very jaded view of the rich and famous. I'm sure lots of them are very real and very nice people :)

You can read the whole review at BookWenches

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