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4 stars
This book was funny. Laugh out loud, funny. From all of the disasters that make up Meg’s life, to Aunt Maud the octogenarian hornball, I was cracking up the whole time. Meg’s character was the kind of woman that you’d really want to root for. You want things to go her way, even though there seem to be obstacles facing her around each corner.
I had a great time reading this. Lillian Grant has a great voice and I like her style of writing. While this was a departure from her other books, I thought she did a great job. She’s able to give us characters that we invest in and want good things for, and in my opinion, that’s the sign of great writing!
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Literary Nymphs

4.5 Nymphs
Recreating the DVD scene is a great idea and getting these two together between the sheets is fiery hot. Truthfully, I never knew what to expect. It seemed like every time I turned a page another piece leading to the DVD puzzle appeared. Then there’s the issue of who exactly is looking into Jonathon’s business activity…the money…and why. That’s a whole other plot twist I didn’t see coming but which gives the story greater depth.  The secondary characters are plentiful, the locale changes from city to city and you even get to see a little of a movie set. The story’s a roller coaster ride of action and emotions from beginning to end.  Enjoy!
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 The Romance Reviews

5 Stars

So, a strong, suspenseful plot, characters I loved, and intense chemistry came together to make this a fantastic read. SPEAK TO ME OF ABDUCTION is the first in the Reel to Real series, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next with the Devereaux family.
This is my second read by Lillian Grant, and this is the second one I’ve had a blast reading. She’s new on the scene but I think she’s got an excellent future ahead of her. If her first two books are any indication, she’s definitely an author to watch!
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Literary Nymphs

4 Nymphs
The mystery/kidnapping part of the story is interesting and doesn’t overbalance the romance between Jacob and Charlene, the descriptions of the locale and situations are vivid and the personalities of both primary and secondary characters nicely handled. The sexual tension…the build-up of the relationship of Jacob and Charlene is well done and when they finally get together, it’s sizzling. The action packed scenes near the end are some of the best in the book and I really enjoyed seeing the villain get their just desserts. Watch forKeep it Under Wraps, the next book in the series, coming soon
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Reviewed by Bookwenches

They gave it 4.5 stars
Speak to Me of Abduction by Lillian Grant is a fast-paced and fun novel that combines the thrill of a foreign destination, the tarnished glitz of Hollywood film-making, a suspenseful search for a missing man, and sizzling hot romance. I found it to be exciting and sexy and an all-around good read.
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When a book has me laughing, angry, and routing for the main character to come out the winner in the end, I find I am terrifically satisfied. Ms. Grant has delivered a story which delivers on all counts: craft, conflict, and one hell of a great story. If you haven’t read Happy Birthday Nancy Tobin, you must, and I am sure you will recommend it to others once you have finished.
Rated 5 Delightful Divas and a Recommended Read by Doug!

This novel is not like most younger man/older woman books I've read. Nancy is seriously screwed up. Jake is mature beyond his years. They need each other. I enjoyed the way the relationship developed. And even though I knew pretty early on what the big reveal would be in the end, it didn't take away from me wanting to know how they would get there.

4 out of 5 stars

Happy Birthday, Nancy Tobin was well-written, as the author’s prose flows beautifully. There is no ‘telling’ and everything is shown through the characters interacting, and the characters’ stories are wonderfully woven with the slow plot. This is definitely more of a character-driven as opposed to plot-driven book, and that makes for a wonderful female lead that is greatly layered and interesting. The plot itself is not that new, but is is well done by Ms. Grant and she very much succeeds in making Nancy memorable.
All in all, a great evening read for people who like their erotica preceded by angst, some UST, and an ugly husband.

Rated 3.5 Ravens by Pomme!

What I enjoyed about this book is how Ms. Grant has managed to capture the depth and range of human emotion, while keeping her story tightly centered around the central plot. The love scenes are filled with physicality, but coupled with an emotional punch as Nancy moves from self-doubt, wondering why a younger man would want her, to acceptance and enjoyment.

I enjoyed the waking up of this brilliant character and rooted for her public exhibitions as she explored and pushed the boundaries of her existence.  It was like watching the caterpillar come out its cocoon after its transformation into the beautiful butterfly; I was enthralled waiting for the final product!  Jake Turner had me wondering about his whole motivation and sudden appearance in Nancy’s life, wondering what his angle was, but it was a ride worth taking, again, and again, and again!!