Thursday, March 31, 2011

Debbie Vaughan is going to be Published

I am so excited that my lovely crit buddy has finally been allowed to announce that she is going to be published.  The wonderful Debbie Vaughan, who was my guest here a few weeks ago, has signed a contract with Siren-BookStrand for her book Dare to Dream.  The book is due out as an e-book in July and a paperback sometime later. I had the pleasure of reading it before she submitted it and it is a truly wonderful story.

It’s said love is timeless.
Meghan Dennehy is about to prove it.

Uncomfortable in her world, the antiques of the past hold far more interest than the fast paced era Meghan Dennehy lives in. Only happy with her nose in a book or in the life built in her dreams, she longs for a place to belong and a love of her own.

A hundred years in the past, Will Thornton, a half-breed former army scout is caught between two worlds. Passing for white, he does not forget his native heritage and proudly bears the name Ghost Walking, given him by his grandfather. His heart yearns for someone to love him for who and what he is.

Fate intercedes to bring them together. But destiny isn't always kind, even to young lovers. It will take more than passion to bind them. It will take faith in a love that transcends time.


  1. Very happy for Debbie.
    Dare to Dream is a great read.

  2. Hi Lillian,

    Thanks for all your help. I am so glad you like my little story. Enjoying what your reading makes the critiquing so much easier. I should know. How many of your works in progress have I read now? Now lets just hope the rest of our reading public feels the same.