Wednesday, September 8, 2010


You may have stumbled, or deliberatly found, the place where I like to hide the good stuff.  Anyone who has looked at my main webpage knows it is open for all.  Now here I am restricting access to those over 18. Why? Well when a girl writes erotic romance sometimes excerpts can be a little bit too racy for all the world to read. 

As well as the chance to read excerpts of my books you can also join me on my torturous journey to continuing publication. A literary agent recently asked on his blog whether you needed to be a tortured soul to be a good writer.  The answer, of course not because if you're not tortured when you start you will be by the time you're finished.

So, why not go and check out my book page to see what I have written to amuse and titilate.  Or maybe the Path to Publication Page where I will share my journey, no doubt eventually to literary obscurity. I came, I published, I died. Or something like that!

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  1. Well, don't cut off an ear or anything
    darling. I don't think anyone ever died from the process although they may have thought they would. Yes, I am raising my hand. Now killing someone...that's a different thing all together. You can always say it was research for your next book!